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Monday, February 14th, 2011

Do blog posts about blogging bore you to tears?  Please feel free to skip to the picture at the bottom.

The blogoshpere is all atwitter (again) about how blogging is like high school.  With cliques and hurt feelings, inside jokes and grandeurs of inadequacy.

I bet you’re dying to know, what does Yuliya think about all of this?

No? Please feel free to skip to the picture at the bottom.

I think there are two things that make blogging distinctly un-high-school-esque.

Numero uno, unlike the rules of hair care (which are simple and finite) the rules of blogging are anything but.  In high school, though unwritten, the rules were at least always clear.  My high school had if not a hierarchy (in a merit based school even the jocks are nerds) but a definite segregation, cliques if you will, and there were rules:

  • Don’t stare at the cross country club team or the stage-crew crew, or else they WILL try to recruit you.
  • Don’t speak above a whisper in the Honors resource lab or else someone will shank you (with a protractor, we’re not that kind of school).
  • You will sit in your designated lunch area based on self identified race or ethnicity  (the self identified part is important, because there were a helluva lot of confused white kids at my school.)

In blogging, there appear to be different rules from one generation of bloggers to the next.  For example, “everyone” knows that to build a community and increase readership you have to comment, comment and comment some more.  Well have you ever seen Pioneer Woman or Dooce comment? Exactly.  The rules from one community to another differ greatly and sometimes I wish that like in high school, people could just spell out their rules for you, for example:

  • I believe that bloggers should always link to other bloggers and give credit where credit is due.
  • I believe that if someone always makes an effort to comment on your blog, you should make an effort to comment on theirs.  If I find we have nothing in common I will pray to the universe to resolve the matter…

And Numero Dos, and this is the big difference, in high school you probably didn’t ever tell people exactly how you felt about them. You did not stand up in the cafeteria and proclaim either your love or hatred for someone.  But in bloggy world we do this all of the time.

I have seen that while we have the capacity to be deliberately cruel to one another, saying things that I hope no one would ever say out loud to another living breathing human being, the converse is also true.

(Cue sappy music)  In the bloggy world it is also easier to be kind, to lift up, to band together, to say with pure heart and honesty beautiful and supportive things that you may not have the courage to say out loud face to face. I have seen it time and time again.

(Cue sappy music crescendo) And I know it to be true for myself, I have on more than one occasion, written emails or left comments that tell someone just how I feel, how much their words have touched me, how funny or witty they are and how much I just plain appreciate having them in my life.  Would I ever have done that in high school? Walked up to someone I admired and told them that? Probably not.

So on this Valentines Day, can I just tell you that I love you man and that I’m so glad we’re not in high school anymore.

Oh and I wish that all of your unrequited bloggy love dreams come true

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