Saturday Surf and Turf, lazy pizza

My definition of fast food is something you can make in less than the time it would take to order pizza or swing through the In n’ Out drive through.

Our In n’ Out is always packed so that means fast food is at least twenty minutes away and that means I end up making fast food at home.

And when that temptress Rachel Voorhees tweeted out a mouth watering photo of her home-made pizza I HAD to have it. Of course I didn’t have pizza crust or pizza sauce or mozzarella. But I did not despair because I DID have english muffin, spaghetti sauce and cheddar…

et voila!

And now that dinner is taken care of, onto the surfin!

Parenting: Sometimes I complain about having a toddler and other times I freak out that soon I’ll have a teenager, who might want her boyfriend to sleep over! GAH!

Social media: Pinterest is genius so to this I say DUH! That’s why silly mommy bloggers are all over it.

Delicious: food & drink

See you next week!

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8 Responses to “Saturday Surf and Turf, lazy pizza”

  1. Rachel says:

    YUMMY!!! I love making english muffin pizzas. Easy peasy!

  2. Elaine says:

    English muffin pizzas totally rock!

  3. Inna says:

    It’s also great to do this with pita – if you open the pocket, each side is a pizza – with a little spaghetti sauce, cheese and mushrooms and 10 min in the over, it’s dinner!

    • Yuliya says:

      Well these were gluten free muffins (yes that’s as appetizing as it sounds) but I don’t know if I can find gluten free pita….

  4. John says:

    You know me, I’m on record of putting a “shitton of cheese” on stuff . . . so this looks quite yummy. And, might I add, a wonderful picture!

    We made personal pizzas (post coming on Friday, I think) on Saturday . . . I actually made the dough from scratch, because it’s yummier that way.

  5. Thank you for the love, my love. xo

  6. What a great idea! I always have English muffins in the freezer and never thought of this – duh! That’s why I depend on brilliance from people like you – thank you!

  7. Megan says:

    I think the coop has gluten free pizza dough! Great to see you at the meeting the other night!

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