Saturday Surf and Turf, iced coffee

When do you go grocery shopping?

Let me rephrase that, what is the one item that will force you to get up and go to the grocery store even though you’ve been living off of creative ‘what’s in the pantry’ dinners for days? Is it eggs? Bread? Beer?

For me it’s half and half. Once we run out of half and half for my morning (and mid morning and early afternoon) coffee I will reluctantly go shopping.

We ran out of half and half three days ago but I have been unable to go due to toddler whinus maximus. So I have had to resort to desperate measures and make iced coffee with condensed milk…which as it turns out is DELICIOUS!

And onto the Surfin…

Social Media: Picnik’s announcement has left me depressed and anxious, luckily @CentsationalGirl is exploring alternatives to Picnik for me and the Photoshop-phobic masses.

Funny: Despite the fact that one of my biggest pet peeves of all time is skinny people complaining about being “fat” this post by Erin @gonnakillhim is hysterical! (And I know she’s skinny, I’ve met her at BlogHer and she is a gorgeous twig.) Here is a teaser as she takes us through her morning routine which involves”Attempt in vain to convince son that his father is as genetically and emotionally invested in him as I am, which might be more evident if he weren’t comatose at this moment.” Snort!

Parenting: This was such a fantastic post by HeatheroftheEO on how hard parenting is and how all we need (most of the time) is for someone to say I see you and I hear you. A thousand times YES.

Must read: An important post by the fabulous Alice of Finslippy on women as objects in our society.

Photography: I absolutely adore Karen Walrond’s blog chookooloonks, her photography and her whole approach to life is inspiring. She is starting a “subscription-based monthly newsletter that will help you create your own visual gratitude journal, using photography.” Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Oh and I started writing for so go check out this week’s posts over there:

Children’s clothes at bargain prices, “Whether you’re dressing JR in Juicy Couture or JCrew you’d probably love to spend a little less on something that will be outgrown in a matter of months.  One way to save your dough is to score some great hand me downs from your friends, relatives or the uber fashionable mommies in your playgroup. If you don’t have a hand me down hook up or you’re a shopaholic you might miss the thrill of hunting down the perfect outfit. In that case try thriftingclick here to read more!

Kid friendly restaurants in Reno,Remember the days you could say to your fiance or your friends or your imaginary pet labradoodle “hey let’s go out to eat” and then you just went out to eat? Simple as that. Sure maybe you needed to wait in the occasional line for a great breakfast place or you had to make a reservation for the hip new tapas bar, but mostly there were no worries and no constraints (except budgetary and digestion related ones.) Having kids changes all of that and suddenly a whole new set of criteria is applied when determining what is a great place to here to read more!

And if you want to write for use this link to say I sent ya!

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9 Responses to “Saturday Surf and Turf, iced coffee”

  1. I’m looking forward to checking all of these out. I know I can count on your endorsements being top notch. huh? Sounds interesting.
    Have a great weekend. Milk is the one thing we can’t go without in our house.
    Hot Chocolate is must.

  2. Ha, you funny thing. No, I’m telling you – I am skinny to the eye, but there is no tone, no muscularity. It’s just grisle and bone shaft.

  3. Jen says:

    so you just take sweetened condensed milk and mix it with coffee?! That is brilliant!

  4. Let’s see. This morning at the Gardner house our options for breakfast are stale marshmallows, a dented can of refried beans, or mayonnaise.

    (We may also have some gristle and bone shaft. Not sure.)

    Crap I hate going to the grocery store.

  5. These were some of my favs this week also. LOVE! Also – I drink my coffee black. And black only.

  6. Us Chinese love condensed milk with our coffee :)

  7. Eva Gallant says:

    I hate going to the grocery store. I make a list and send my husband.

  8. All of those posts sound so interesting – will have to carve out some time to check them out. And as far as photo editing software goes, I really like Photoscape. And I’ve never used Picnik and am indeed among the Photoshop-phobic masses. :)

  9. John says:

    I woke up not too long ago with a sinus headache and the kids (my wife had to head out for the day). The kids were in horrible moods and the thought of making it to the grocery store was, just, a bad thought.

    So, I, too, ended up using condensed milk . . . the first cup I made, I over-sweetened the coffee, but, after that, it was right on.

    Only, now, something seems to have happened to the steaming attachment to my frother . . . which makes me very, very sad.

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