Saturday Surf and Turf for your Labor Day BBQ potluck edition

So I’ve already blogged about deviled eggs once. But I thought since that was way back THEN, when I didn’t know how to take a decent food picture, that THIS time my photos would be a super spectacular improvement!

Well, hell.

Even if I can’t make them look good, I am still more than happy to eat them!

Onto the surfin’

A great list of resources for (aspiring) writers.

Raising kids is a tough job, figuring out the balance between giving them eveyrthing you never had yourself and making sure they are grateful is even harder. (So awesome it’s featured on BlogHer today! Yes I’m annoyed they beat me to it.)

I am always on the lookout for more sources of veggie protein, yum!

Best engagement/wedding pictures EVER!!! (This link was in Facebook feed courtesy of my unbelievably talented cousin, who recently put together a Facebook fan page…which you should go and like, because she is awesome.)

Why you shouldn’t let toxic people into your life, because they mess it all up!

The question I’ve heard in reference to the Summer of 2011, from all corners: “Where did it go?” It’s not spoken in a tone of  “Ha, ha, ha! We were having so much fun and time just SHOT by!”  but rather in the tone with which you might say “Who ate the last brownie?” right after you completed an extra-long workout in anticipation thereof. Yes! Love the prose and the sentiment.

Guy playing Bohemian Rhapsody on ukelele, yeah baby.

Exploring the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Love that.

Not to pat myself on the back, but I helped someone see the beauty in themselves that we all see and I’m pretty proud of myself.

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12 Responses to “Saturday Surf and Turf for your Labor Day BBQ potluck edition”

  1. Thanks a lot. That zombie scared the shit out of me.


  2. Emily Suess says:

    These links are exactly what I need to help me procrastinate. Who needs clean clothes anyway, right? :)

    PS I think those eggs look super yummy.

  3. I loved Nichole post and your photo of her is beautiful. Now, that guy on the ukelele, I’ve got to go see! :> (Your eggs look delish, though I’ve purposely never allowed myself to learn how to make them. You see, I like deviled eggs more than one should. They’re like crack and can never have just one! ;>)

  4. Jessica says:

    Don’t hate me but I can’t stand deviled eggs. So yucky. My husband loves them though.

  5. Eva Gallant says:

    Those certainly were unique photos! Very funny!

  6. Poppy says:

    You totally win the recap post. I have to check on Sunday when I have more time because I want to look at every link. I am proud to say I have seen at least a couple this time.

  7. The zombie shoot was my my favorite discovery this week!

    Also? How do you peel your eggs so pretty?

  8. Roxanne says:

    I LOVE deviled eggs. Love, love, love. Now I want to run home and make myself some.

    And that zombie shoot was TOTALLY AWESOME. I want to do something like that if I ever get married again. Except, you know, not exactly like that. Just something fun & creative. :)

  9. Love deviled eggs, recaps, and zombies.

    So thank you.

    Very much.

  10. I looooove deviled eggs! Have you ever made stuffed eggshells? Mmmmm.

    Bohemian rhapsody rules!

  11. LBDDiaries says:

    You always have THE best links! The best cheater way to make deviled eggs is to scoop the egg yolk out and mix it with 1000 Island Dressing – yum! Easy, too!

  12. Mandyland says:

    Thank you for including me in your surf and turf.

    PS. Guess who figured out a way to hack through her IT department’s blocks so I could post comments on blogs?

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