Merry Rib-Mas!

What is your favorite holiday?

Mine is the Rib Cook Off! And apparently I’m in good company as over 500,000 Rib-lovahs attend this jolly festival every year.

And here’s why…

This helps too…

I know Aliza was thrilled…

Maybe thrilled isn’t the right word…perhaps next year when she has teeth she can fully appreciate the wonder of the season…

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12 Responses to “Merry Rib-Mas!”

  1. Kristin says:

    And a very, very merry rib-mas to you!

    I saw so many more baby-wearers at this meat-a-thon than I witnessed last year. Truly. It was dern near an exponential improvement. Same number of beer drinkers though … well, plus one: me. *smile*

    • Yuliya says:

      I still got some raised eyebrows for nursing though…and holy moly was Aliza in a mood, but as evidenced by the photo her temperament was much improved after that nap :)

      • Kristin says:

        Eyebrows … sheesh. You know who was raising my eyebrows? The air-guitar, air-drums, air-keyboard player in the Jack Daniel’s hat ROCKING OUT in front of me at the Asia concert (Golly, don’t want to offend. Hope he’s not a She Suggests reader … ). The rib cook-off is ridicumlous. I can just imagine all of western Europe seeing the Sparks, NV photos and heaving a simultaneous sigh. Oh, the US of A … how jolly and embarrassing you can be …

  2. Haha. Love it. Looks like heaven. I have to close this browser, though, or Fiance’s going to get VERY jealous!

    PS – Your photography is fantastic. So clean … and real.

  3. liz says:

    where was the rib cook-off at? i live in Memphis, which is a HUGE BBQ town!

  4. This is definitely an American phenomenon. Something I could totally get used to I might add.

  5. Oh, my hubby would be in heaven! WE have got to go! Your daughter is just darling:)

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  7. My city hosts a rib-fest every Labour Day weekend too. I have been a few times but I am not one for crowds. Much prefer making ribs quietly at home. Boring I guess but still yummy.

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