July 1, 2013

Creative license

Children’s book, as written…

‘They ate cookies and watched TV’

Children’s book, as read aloud by my husband..

‘They ate broccolli and read books’

March 12, 2013

Do Parents Dream of Sheep?

I made this card just for you and anyone who suffers from the affliction known as parenthood.

February 6, 2013

Snapshots & Snippets: what will become of us?

‘Snapshots & Snippets’ a brief, or sometimes not so brief, look at a moment in time. A glance back and a peek forward with an abundance of gratitude for the present.

Best mom in the world: Guess what kiddo, we’re going to Tahoe this weekend!

Skeptical kid: We are? Who’s coming with us?

Somewhat average mom in the world: Your friend Tali and her parents, and two other nice girls and their parents.

Concerned kid: Is Grandma coming?

Clueless mom: Nope kiddo just us and our friends.

Panicked kid: Aren’t ANY grown ups going?

January 31, 2013

A Public Service Announcement for Parents

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